Getting Whiter Teeth

Over time teeth can become stained as a result of the
natural aging process or because of exposure to items
like coffee and red wine. Everyone loves a healthy
looking, white smile, but dentist whitening treatments
can be costly. Toothpastes with whitening agents
like Aquafresh® Extreme Clean® Whitening Action
toothpaste contain particles that polish your teeth.

Woman's mouth smiling with bright white teeth.


  • …avoid prolonged exposure to foods and beverages that stain your teeth. This includes coffee, tea, berries, red wine, dark fruit juices, dark sodas, curry and soy sauce.
  • …consider using a straw when drinking stain-causing beverages. That way, most of the liquid bypasses your front teeth.
  • …brush and floss regularly to maintain good oral health habits. Visit your dentist for check-ups twice a year.


  • …smoke. Not only does smoking stain teeth, but it can also cause a myriad of oral health issues