What are the causes of bad breath?

Most people experience bad breath at some time or another — often upon waking up or after eating certain foods. This is because eating, drinking, oral hygiene, and sleep all influence the bacteria that cause bad breath.

The causes of bad breath can be caused by some digestive and metabolic disorders but the major cause of bad breath is bacteria in your mouth.

Tongue with millions of small tiny grooves and crevices for bacteria to hide.

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Your tongue, with its millions of tiny grooves and crevices, provides an excellent place for bacteria to hide. Saliva usually helps to wash away these bacteria but because saliva production slows down as you sleep, bacteria have a chance to build up during that time and create the odorous compounds that lead to "morning mouth."

How do you get
rid of bad breath?

Looking for a bad breath treatment? Many typical bad breath remedies — mints, gum, and even many toothpastes — merely mask bad breath by covering it up with strong, minty odours. In contrast, Aquafresh® Extreme Clean® Whitening ActionTM toothpaste has a special mineral formula that helps to neutralize bad breath odours.

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Better Breath tips

An effective way of dealing with bad breath is to reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth. Here are some tips that will help you:

Toothbrush brushing teeth.
  1. Brush regularly

    and remember to brush your tongue
  2. Floss carefully every day

    to remove food debris that may get caught between teeth.
  3. Use a mouthwash.

*immediately after brushing vs. a zinc free toothpaste.